Wild Jobs

The Department requires the work of many different people with a wide variety of skill sets in order to successfully serve our mission.  Although the Department employs some of the more obscure and wild jobs such as Resource Forester, Small Game Coordinator, Cervid Program Supervisor or Herpetologist, we also routinely look for professionals and support staff in your more common fields such as Accounting Assistants, Office Managers, Information Technology and Human Resources. Opportunities have varying levels of required experience and education, from high school diploma to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

Opportunities requiring a degree

Conservation Agent * Fisheries Biologist * Outdoor Skills Specialist * Naturalist * Private Land Conservationist * Resource Forester * Resource Forester Assistant * Resource Scientist * Wildlife Biologist

Opportunities requiring a high school diploma or GED

Accounting Assistant * Administrative Staff Assistant * Office Manager * Heavy Equipment Operator * Carpenter * Resource Assistant * Resource Technician