Law Enforcement

Conservation Agents are the law enforcement officers for the agency.  They are responsible for enforcing a wide range of laws related to conservation and public safety.  These generally include laws pertaining to hunting, fishing, trapping, boating, habitat preservation and environmental protection.  Additionally, Conservation Agents have general law enforcement authority to investigate and make arrests for most crimes and general law violations on conservation areas.

Conservation Agents embody community-oriented policing and have broad duties which include being the front line representative for the Department in their assigned areas.  In addition to law enforcement, conservation agents provide outreach to the public and assist landowners with habitat management. 

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college-required but not limited to the following programs: forestry, fisheries management, wildlife management/conservation, natural resource management, law enforcement, criminal justice, agriculture, or other related biological sciences.

To learn more about becoming a Conservation Agent click here to read the Conservation Agent Brochure

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